Exquisite Prom Dresses 2013

Alyce Designs Prom Dresses

When looking for clothes to wear during formal occasions, don’t you usually shop based on the label or the fashion house? If not that, then the online store that you are shopping at may be carrying a lot of brands of the same line of formal clothes. This is good because you would have plenty of choices when it comes to the design, brand, silhouette of the dress or even the material used. Here at our site, we have a complete collection of formal dresses from one of the most popular fashion houses in the industry: Alyce Designs.

Introducing the Alyce Designs Fashion House

Alyce Designs is a company founded by Alyce Hamm with her brother Jean-Paul in 1967. From France, the business expanded to the US in 1955. Since then, the company has been designing formal clothes which are worn by women from all parts of the world. Dignity, elegance and integrity are the traits that Alyce Designs are known for.

Today, the company manufactures formal dresses under several sub-brands:

  1. Alyce After Five Cocktail
  2. Alyce B’Dazzle
  3. Alyce Black Label
  4. Alyce Claudine Collection
  5. Alyce Paris JDL Collection
  6. Alyce Prom & Special Occasion
  7. Alyce Quinceanera
  8. Alyce Satin Rouge
  9. Alyce Sweet 16

How would you make a selection from these designs? If you like the feel of satin against your skin, for example, you can choose among the designs under the Alyce Satin Rouge collection. There’s a short strapless dress with rosettes all over the bodice, as well as a one-shoulder empire waist dress which has a floor-length skirt.

Choosing among these collections is all a matter of deciding which silhouette flatters your body type the most, and which color or design you would personally prefer to wear.