Exquisite Prom Dresses 2013

Faviana Prom Dresses and Homecoming Dresses

The minute that Hollywood celebrities mention who they’re wearing on red carpet events, the fashion house is immediately recognized by women. Such is the claim to fame of fashion house Faviana. For more than 20 years now, the company has been outfitting celebrities like Julia Roberts, Hilary Swank, Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley and a lot more.

However, the one thing that makes the label unique is that instead of spending thousands of dollars on one dress, they actually very affordable. So when you’re wearing homecoming dresses, party dresses, pageant dresses or prom dresses from Faviana, you will feel like a million dollars even for just one night during that special event.

Classic Faviana or Faviana Glamour?

Now, there are a couple of collections from Faviana that you can choose from including:

Faviana Dresses: This is the classic line of Faviana dresses which comes in a variety of silhouettes, materials, colors and designs. If you would like to channel your inner Charlize Theron, for example, you can wear a Faviana dress which is inspired by her. Available in pink blush and sapphire colors, the chiffon dress has a plunging neckline and an asymmetrical skirt.

We also have a black-silver or black-plum strapless cocktail dress that’s made from jersey. The dress is perfectly sexy yet comfortable so you can wear it to party the night away.

Faviana Glamour Formal Dresses: Meanwhile, the Faviana Glamour collection is exactly what the name implies: they are glamorous, red carpet-worthy dresses that will make you stand out during any formal occasion. There is no need for you to spend thousands of dollars on a fresh-off-the-runway dress when there are glittery designs from Faviana Glamour which are equally trendy. One example is the Faviana Glamour dress which has a short skirt and a one-shoulder design. Its matte silver material is stunningly glittery. If it’s Faviana, it is definitely worth putting on!