Exquisite Prom Dresses 2013

Feather Prom Dresses

If you would like to stand out from the crowd, why not choose a fun and unique accent for your formal clothes in the form of feathers? Here at our site, we have a complete collection of feather prom dresses that will make your dress truly stand out.

Choose Your Feather Accent

So which part of the body would you like the feather accents to be? Remember that feathers as an accent should be used subtly. You would not want to wear an over-the-top dress, so you need to decide which part of the body you would like the accents to be. Here are a few feather dresses from our site that you can wear:

  • At the shoulders: First up, we have this Night Moves dress by Allure. Available in black and blue or fuchsia color combinations, these dazzling feather prom dresses have a feather detail at the shoulder. The sweetheart neckline falls into an above-the-kneed skirt which is decorated with sequins that have a swirl pattern.
  • At the bodice: Second, you can opt for our Clarisse dress which has feather accents at the bodice. Available in an Obsidian black color, the garment combines feathers and sequins to turn into a stunning dress. The dress has sculpted sides and a mid-thigh hemline, making it suitable for petite or tall women who are confident to show a lot of leg.
  • At the skirt of the dress: Finally, we have lots of feather prom dresses which have a feather detailing at the skirt. An example is the strapless cocktail dress by Jovani which has a beaded bodice and a feathered skirt. Another style from the same designer is a cocktail dress with a ruched bodice, and is available in burgundy, light blue and hunter colors.

If you want to tickle everybody’s fancy, choose from any of our feather prom dresses and look great on prom night.