Exquisite Prom Dresses 2013

Mermaid Prom Dresses

Just like the tail of a mermaid, mermaid prom dresses have skirts which hug tightly the area from your hips down to your knees. From there, it expands to an A-line skirt so it does take on a unique shape. We have a collection of designer mermaid prom dresses which you can also wear as graduation dresses, party dresses, bridesmaid’s dresses, bar mitzvah dresses or quinceanera dresses.

Dresses to Make You Feel Like a Mermaid

What makes mermaid prom dresses so versatile is the fact that whether you’re model-thin, curvy or plus-sized, the shape of the gown will make the most out of your figure. Here are some of the designer mermaid prom dresses that we have on site:

  • Alyce Prom Dress: If you want to dazzle your date on prom night, wear this glamorous mermaid prom dress that we have. Our Alyce prom dress has a red taffeta fabric for the bottom, while the strapless bodice is intricately detailed with multi-colored sparkling stones that will make you truly stand out on any occasion.
  • Bari Jay Style Prom Dress: Bari Jay is a famous brand specializing in bridesmaid’s dresses, but they also have a collection of mermaid prom dresses that you can purchase through us. Available in gorgeous colors, the Bari Jay Style mermaid gown has a stunning scalloped neckline with tonal beading on the waist.
  • Mac Duggal Prom Dress: If you want to look stunningly sophisticated, try on our mocha Mac Duggal couture mermaid prom dress. The strapless evening gown takes on a jewel-like color when light shines through it, while the drop waist skirt makes the most out of your figure.
  • Tiffany Prom Dress: Finally, we have this Tiffany mermaid dress made from a tulle material with a multi-colored bodice which looks smothered with confetti. Choose any of our mermaid prom dresses and look gorgeous come prom night!