Exquisite Prom Dresses 2013

Sequin Prom Dresses

What better way is there to sparkle during any formal occasion than by wearing sequin prom dresses? We have a complete collection of sequin prom dresses, sparkly homecoming dresses, jewel-toned party dresses and other shimmer cocktail dresses that will make you shine during any formal occasion that you are attending. What’s good about doing your sequin prom dresses shopping through our site is that you can take as long as you want poring over our collection of designer or trendy outfits.

After making a decision, you can have the item shipped straight to your doorstep and try on the garment – then prepare your makeup, hair, shoes, accessories and overall look for the night.

Get Your Shine on in Our Sequin Prom Dresses Collection!

One of the many sequin prom dresses that you can wear from our line of shiny dresses is this platinum cocktail dress from Mac Duggal. The skirt has a feather trim and the bodice has spaghetti straps which let you reveal as much skin as you want.

We also have lead, ivory or silver Scala homecoming dresses with a one-shoulder bodice. Dress it up with a multitude of silver accessories, or multi-colored bracelets and earrings to vamp it up.

From designer Mori Lee comes this Sticks & Stones design for sequin prom dresses, which has a corset back and a strapless bodice. You will truly shine in this garment because it is available in silver and gold colors, making you feel like the jewel that you are on prom night.

If you want something that’s long, shiny and revealing, choose our Flaunt gown by Mori Lee. Available in sequined black and red colors, this gorgeous gown is bound to take everyone’s breath away.

No matter which among our sequin prom dresses you end up choosing, you will literally glitter and shine on the night of the occasion that you are attending!