Exquisite Prom Dresses 2013

Simple Prom Dresses

Clean lines, a basic silhouette, a non-complicated structure – for most young women who would like to wear simple prom dresses, these are the keywords that they usually look for. If you think that you’ll drown in a sea of frilly, fluffy, froufrou gowns that everybody else will be wearing, simple prom dresses will definitely make you stand out.

Shop from Our Line of Simple Prom Dresses

What’s good about shopping for simple prom dresses is that once the occasion is done, you can either dress up or dress down the garment and wear it as cocktail dresses, graduation dresses, party dresses or even pageant dresses. Here at our site, we have a nice selection of simple prom dresses that you can go for including:

  • Cassandra Stone II dress by Mac Duggal: When shopping for simple prom dresses through our site, you can do it by designer, color or style. If you want a garment which has very simple lines, consider our designer Cassandra Stone II dress. Available in turquoise and yellow, it’s a strapless evening gown with a very clean yet elegant silhouette. The only adornment that it has is the sunburst stone pattern at the waist. So if you’re going for simple yet attention-grabbing, this is definitely it.
  • La Femme prom dress: Available in a rainbow of pastel colors, the La Femme prom dress has a strapless bodice and a cinched waist. The ultra soft fabric of the gown falls elegantly down the skirt, making you feel like a princess as you make a dramatic entrance to the event.
  • La Femme evening gown: Finally, be the ultimate femme fatale in our black La Femme evening gown. The bodice has a simple V-neck design and the dress is made from dark jersey. To make it evening-worthy, gorgeous rhinestones are used as shoulder straps which connect to a diamond-shaped back.