Exquisite Prom Dresses 2013

Teal Prom Dresses

Included in the blue family of colors is teal. As compared to aqua, navy, turquoise or baby blue, teal prom dresses have more of a greenish-blue tint to it. Now, if you are looking for dresses with this specific shade of blue, there are many styles from our site that you can choose from.

Pick the Best from Our Collection of Teal Prom Dresses

Teal prom dresses are bright, colorful and ultra-feminine. If you have yet to find a style that best suits you, here is a list of the designs that we have:

  • Strapless teal prom dresses: If you want to show off the delicateness of your shoulders and collarbone, you should definitely opt for strapless prom dresses. Our collection of teal prom dresses in a strapless style come in two varieties: ones with short, frilly skirts which are more of party dresses, and long evening gown style dresses for a more formal look.
  • Sequined teal prom dresses: Similar to how blue-green oceans seem to shimmer when hit by the light of the sun, you can also sparkle when wearing any of our sequined teal prom dresses.
  • Halter prom dresses: For young women with a busty figure, halter prom dresses allow them to make the most out of their assets. Here at our website, we have numerous designs of halter prom dresses that you can wear, in this gorgeous teal shade.
  • Short prom dresses: If you want to look leaner, longer and trendier, opt for short dresses which would make your stems look like a mile long. We have teal prom dresses which have ruched styles, one-shoulder dresses with frilly skirts, and long-sleeved dresses with thigh-high hemlines.
  • Long evening gowns in teal: Lastly, if you would like to remain covered up while still exuding that certain sophistication, go for any of our long evening gowns in a stunning shade of teal.