Exquisite Prom Dresses 2013

Xtreme Prom Dresses

Depending on the designer of the prom dresses, party dresses or cocktail dresses that you will wear, there’s a certain element in the design which is the signature or stamp for that fashion house. With Xtreme, the beautifully intricate backs incorporated in their formal dress designs are what they’re most known for.

Show Off Your Back in Our Xtreme Prom Dresses Collection

Here at our site, we have a collection of Xtreme Prom dresses with intricately-designed backs to wow your date with. Here are a few items from our site that you can try on:

  • Look gorgeous in red: You’ll never go wrong when wearing a red dress to any formal occasion. Here at our site, we have the Xtreme Prom satin red gown which has a floor-length skirt and a thigh-high slit. The bodice of the gown is halter neck and there is the signature exquisite detailing at the back. The exposed back has a complex connection of straps which are designed with glittery jewels that connect to the bust in front of the dress.
  • Glitter in silver: Decorated in purely silver sequins, we also have the Xtreme one-shoulder prom dress. From afar, the dress looks like it has horizontal stripe designs but it is actually a line of silver sequins. The back detailing of the dress is intricate, having a floral-like design by the shoulder with three diagonal straps connecting it to the other side of the dress.
  • Shine in blue: A similar style is the turquoise Xtreme Prom dress which is made from charmeuse, that has sexy cut-outs on the sides.
  • Look ultra-feminine in rosewood: Lastly, we have this rosewood Xtreme Prom dress which bares most of your back and has jewelled accents on the strap.

No matter which color you end up wearing, you will look gorgeous in any of these Xtreme Prom dresses.